Wells Abandoned









The challenges operators face with the decommissioning learning curve are mitigated by the well management and decommissioning expertise of EXCEED.

Our diverse team of late life and decommissioning experts totals 300+ years’ experience, and we bring our detailed knowledge and understanding of the regulations and requirements to each well abandonment campaign, providing the specialist services which will control costs and time spent on decommissioning operations on:

As an independent solutions provider, EXCEED has worked with some of the North Sea‘s pioneering operators in the decom space, including the abandonment of the 45 wells of Fairfield Energy’s Dunlin platform.

We’ve answered some of the biggest decom challenges through the design and build of innovative solutions – including a world first response to the complex issues around the integrity of ageing subsea wellheads.

We work closely and collaboratively with service companies, to develop the tools and methods which will gain the greatest efficiencies.

Where appropriate, EXCEED has the knowledge and confidence to challenge a regulation and adopt a ALARP approach. Our operator clients’ trust in our ability to challenge regulations whilst remaining complaint also plays a critical role, as they agree to become early adopters of our innovative approaches to decommissioning.